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Mar 11, 2021

Poland is known in the past few years as a strategic location for logistics activities and a favorable place for establishing new logistic centers in Europe. An example reassuring this trend is of course Amazon’s decision, the American online retailer giant, to open three distribution centers in Poland.

Here are 5 key features of Poland that explain its logistic advantage over its neighboring European countries:

  1. Population – Poland is the most populous country in Central Europe, with a well-educated workforce. Poland holds fourth place in Europe in terms of the number of people enrolled in Higher education.
  2. Location – Poland’s location could not be more strategic for logistics. It is located at the very center of Europe, at an intersection of the main routes connecting Western and Eastern Europe. This allows not only to tap the large Polish internal consumer market, but also to serve as an export base to the rest of Europe with over 500 million people.
  3. Infrastructure – Poland is actively investing in road and rail transport, mainly thanks to EU Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund. Additionally, the country’s energy infrastructure has undergone a transition as well.
  4. Wages – Poland has a relatively low salary level in comparison to its neighboring countries in the west, especially when you take into account the well-qualified employee base the country provides.Poland
  5. Polish strong Transport and Logistics sector – Due to its ease of doing business, strategic location, a vast presence of major logistic centers and approximately 2 billion tons of cargo transported yearly, Poland’s logistics industry is flourishing. With some of the world’s biggest players in the game of logistics stationed across the country, a lot of knowledge, experience and capital can be found – creating confidence and attracting foreign companies to handle their logistics in Poland.
  6. Poland

Ecat Venture Team